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Sep. 17th, 2004 @ 04:41 pm Entry 3 - No luck.
Sister Eryn Sepia
Rifled through everything I could find, but didn't find a thing to eat or drink; I tried the faucets in the other quarters just in case, but again the pipes just shuddered loudly.  One room...the room Brother Nathan lived in...was nothing but a gutted floor with a stench like rotted flesh wafting up from the abyss.  I won't be going back in there anytime soon.  This may be a holy manifestation of God's cleansing wrath, but my stomach is already empty enough without risking retching up its own digestive fluids.

I need to find some way to open those locked rooms...I think I'll have more luck taking off the hinges than trying to finagle the locks themselves; I have a nail file in my bathroom which might work ...though breaking through the door is also an option...if I had an axe or something else heavy to throw against it. 

So far, still no signs of life, human or otherwise.  It really looks as if I'm the only one down here.

I have to break through the wing doors somehow!

Feeling really shaky now; don't know if it's hunger or fear.  Probably both. 

I'll light some incense and pray...rest for a little while.  Then I'll go back out, try again.
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