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Sep. 17th, 2004 @ 06:56 am Entry 1 - Trapped.
Sister Eryn Sepia
I know where I am.  I'm home.  This is the Chapel.  I'm in my room now in the wing where all the dedicants and disciples live, but I woke up out in the hall.  I must have...passed out or something.  I was on my way to...

...oh god, this headache is going to split my head in two.  I just now managed to find some aspirin in the medicine cabinet.  I had to choke it down without water; the pipes groaned when I turned the faucet on.  No electricity, no plumbing.  I'm relying on my candles and lanterns for light. I'm glad I have quite a collection of them, and a few boxes of short tapers stored away in my closet.

I should just...stop writing and go lay down.  I feel so tired...my chest hurts, spikes of  pain every so often.  Sometimes it's hard to breathe.  I must be sick.  Am I dreaming?  Hallucinating?

I see manifestations of what surely must be the Otherworld here, but...it appears only partial. Does this mean Saint Alessa is nearby again? Perhaps she returned...which is both a scary and a comforting thought...the doctrines teach that, when God returns, the Cleansing begins and must be completed before Paradise is granted. Is this what's happening? Is that why everyone is gone? But then...why am I still here? Is this punishment?

My room is unaffected, unlike the hall outside.  Where is everyone?  Why am I alone?  The doors out of this wing are blocked from the other side and the elevator isn't working.  I can't get out.  Something terrible must have happened.

God, so tired.  Sleep now.       
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