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sister_eryn's Journal

Between Hope And Fear
Silent Hill has its own history, its own legends, its own stories and its own religion. It needs no missionaries to import dogma; it needs no dying father-figures nor new-age moon worship. This place has always survived on its own; it takes what it needs, sleeps when it must...and above all, it endures.

The town knows its own; some come here to find redemption. Others, punishment. As for me, I'm here to listen to the voice of this holy place, to help shepherd the ones who are drawn here to their destinies, until the day comes when forgiveness and paradise is given to all.

I am a servant of the Fathers, a disciple of the Order, devoted in heart, tempered in mind, unwavering in spirit. Herein are my thoughts.


For those seeking more information about me, here's some fun facts: I'm 25 years old; I joined with the Church three years ago, on September 4, as a Dedicant of the Order. I gained my title of Disciple a year ago, and still have a few years to go of study in the monastery. I pray, worship, take classes and, in general, tend to the needs of the Church (which necessarily includes a lot of cleaning!). I'm a natural sensitive; I can detect "otherness" and have long felt that there was something greater happening outside the day-to-day routine of typical human life. Finding this place...these people...has served to show me that I was more right than I knew...the gods are in this town, and I pursue the Work with all my heart and devotion.